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Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Workout by EricWongMMA

How Top Fighters SURGE Into The Cage With Unrelenting POWER and Endless CARDIO… With Just 2 Short Workouts Per Week.

… From oozing with the confidence of a showboating top level fighter who – without a doubt – has enough FAITH  in his strength, power and cardio to overcome ANY opponent?

On this very page that you’re reading right now, I’m going to reveal to you the most efficient methods of rapidly increasing your gains in strength, cardio and explosive power for MMA while training only 2 days per week. The very same methods I’ve used with UFC fighters like Claude Patrick. As you can see, they worked for him in his UFC debut (I’m in the background):

WARNING: There are no pills or potions and this will take some hard work, so if you’re looking for a magic-fix then you’ve landed on the wrong site. But if you’re looking for a solution to your strength and conditioning needs that’s not only based on science and theory but also tested in the Octagon, then the info you’re about to read may be the most important info you ever read.

In order to be a successful MMA fighter, you’ve got to constantly learn new techniques and hone your skills.

Even if you simply train for fun, what’s more fun… Getting tapped out all the time and losing to less experienced guys or being able to pull off all of your skills and train forever and still be hungry for more?

But to be an MMA fighter requires a lot of dedication – often 5, 6 or even 7 days a week of training.

This makes it hard to fit your strength and conditioning workouts in, even though you know how crucial they are to training and fighting at your potential.

And most workout plans you find require 3, 4 or even 5 workouts per week – impossible to stick to and potentially dangerous, since you can quickly become overtrained and get an injury.

On top of that, the programs you find are based on old-school methods that drain your energy, making your MMA training at best INEFFECTIVE and at worst, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, since you’ll end up developing sloppy technique because you’re sore and you’ve already spent all of your energy working out.

The fact is that most of the workouts you find online and see UFC fighters doing on TV won’t work for you, especially if you’ve got a job, school or family to manage too. They’re designed for guys who fight full time. Guys whose lives revolve around fighting.

But the absolute worst plans are based around old school body-part splits – if you’re following a body-part split routine, you’re KILLING your chances at achieving an elite level of fitness.

These routines aren’t designed for MMA. They’re designed to build muscles for guys who like fake tans and wearing neon thong bikinis…