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TOP 5 BEST DRONES 2018 Available NOW on Amazon 2018

meet spark small colorful smart a powerful flying camera that you can take anywhere it’s so clever it activates by recognizing you just launch it from the palm of your hand it even returns when you call it and land like this easy can’t get everyone in the shot no problem watch as it hovers precisely in place always at your command control it with your hands remote controller mobile device or DJI goggles using GPS spark knows where it is even if you don’t it’ll even sense obstacles to avoid things in front of it and come home safely think you got smooth moves Sparks footage is smoother it takes the shake out of your shot so you look like a pro not feeling the control sticks performed preset flight maneuvers with a single click and get those epic shots here’s a way to stand out from the crowd spark automatically adds shallow depth-of-field to your photos if you don’t know how to fly just tap fly let’s see if you can handle sport mode spark keeps you in the frame so all you need to do is act naturally edit your epic videos and share them instantly spark your aerial creativity anywhere all you need to do is seize the moment it may sound crazy but you can do this to all of it it’s easy how do we know because we’ve made it easy a DJI we created the flying camera as you know it and there’s a good chance that the drone videos you’ve seen online were shot with one of our cameras this time we started small so you can dream big we created your first personal drone but we’re still squeezing in big power it automatically follows you or whatever you want without a bracelet or tracker avoids obstacles and comes packed with a 4k stabilized camera 27 minute flight time and a whole lot more this is the DJ I’m addict row and this is the DJI Mavic poe unfolded to make it this small we have to rip out a ton of cool stuff right now it’s got 24 high-performance computing cores dual satellite connectivity an all-new transmission system with a 4.3 mile range for vision sensors and more sound complicated it’s not it’s easy the Mavic knows where it takes off from where it is in the air where it’s going and what is capturing when you take off the Mavic uses 2 vision sensors and connects with up to 20 satellites also it can remember your location this means the Mavic knows where home is so it can return by itself precision landing technology means it can land almost exactly where you took off at the touch of a button as you fly satellite systems keep track of you working in harmony with all four vision sensors telling it what’s below and what’s in front whether you are flying beside a cliff in a forest or even indoors just like you Maddox sees and thinks that means it can avoid the things in its path from trees to walls any good flying camera needs stabilization the Maddox expertly miniaturized gimble teach the entire camera steady unlike electronic stabilization you use every pixel from the sensor and you don’t have the weight of a bulky add-on camera shooting an epic tracking shot of a friend is easy active track technology means it just takes a few taps not just one kind of tracking shot either it’s got spotlight profile and trace or use tap flight to tap and fly terrain follow mode keeps the Mavic at a height you define as the ground Rises so you can focus on your shot not your height everything can be controlled using a gamepad sized controller you can keep in your pocket it opens up to clamp around your phone and has been custom engineered to give you more feedback and more accuracy you will always feel in control if you don’t want to bother with the controller fly using virtual joysticks right from your phone over Wi-Fi whether you fly with the remote controller or just your phone active track modes are ready to make you shoot like a pro want to be on camera not behind it it just takes a wave and a gesture then there’s the new DJI goggle strap these on to really feel like you’re flying combine them with sport mode to get your pulse pumping while you fly at an incredible 40 miles per hour once you’ve got your shots edit everything together in DJI go and share or even stream your flight live to Facebook or YouTube inspiration can strike from the smallest thing a sketch a feeling and experience the Mavic has been designed for you to take it anywhere ready at a moment’s notice whenever inspiration strikes you to create something truly great DJI Mavic wherever you go what do you need for incredible aerial imaging a brilliant camera an aircraft you can trust and the intelligence to make every shot cinematic the new phantom 4 Pro has all this and much more The Phantom 4 pro camera has an F 2.8 apertures mechanical shutter and large one-inch sensor coming together to make brighter more detailed imagery record cinematic 4k video at higher bit rates with more advanced compression and a wider dynamic range 4k 60 frames per second recording gives you stunning detailed slow-motion aerial video the phantom 4 pro is as adept at stills as it is with video capturing every detail at 20 megapixels its mechanical shutter eliminates rolling shutter bending grab the perfect moment using burst mode all of this makes the phantom4 pro the most advanced aerial camera ever found in the Phantom series The Phantom 4 pro is now a huge step forward I’m taking photos of the lava when it’s darker out and the glow of the lavas coming off of it the image sensor that’s in this camera now is 1/f sensor 20 megapixels that extra dynamic range allows me to really get everything into one shot in the landscape that’s extremely important see your shot clearly even in direct sunlight with the new ultra bright 5.5 inch monitor that’s more than twice as bright as most tablets inside is DJI light bridge technology it automatically detects interference and switches from two point four to five point eight gigahertz transmission and take off cutting through the noise for more reliability the built-in monitor on the phantom 4 pro is so bright I’m actually able to see in direct sunlight and that’s really allowing me to compose my shot and get what I really want to capture active Trek has now been expanded with three new intelligent flight modes profile tracks your subject horizontally from any side spotlight locks the camera on a subject while you fly in almost any direction circle swings 360 degrees around the subject Tapp fly has also been improved adding reverse tap fly making it perfect for aerial selfies flying the phantom fourth row is even more worryfree a set of rear visual sensors has been added to existing forward and downward sensors combined with new infrared obstacle sensors on its sides the phantom 4 pro has five directions of sensing if image signal is lost it returns home while dynamically avoiding obstacles and even flies back along its original flight path until signal is regained every minute in the air counts the new high-capacity battery flight time has been increased to 30 minutes when it comes to speed the phantom 4 pro is 10 miles per hour faster with full support of its obstacle sensing systems with it’s stunning camera 1 inch sensor ultra bright monitor obstacle sensing and intelligence the phantom 4 pro brings professional quality aerial imaging and flight capabilities to more pilots around the world