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Top 5 Best Drones Available Now (Sept 2018)

this video is brought to you by sky watch AI sky watch AI smartphone app offers fast and transparent hourly liability insurance for your drone start a subscription from as low as five dollars an hour and cover up to ten million dollars in liability sky watch also provides a monthly insurance plan including physical damage coverage for frequent commercial drone pilots the service is available for all iOS and Android devices click the link in the video description to know more this is Mavic – the aircraft comes in two new additions Mavic – pro and Mavic – assume both cameras utilize DJ eyes latest three access simple technology ensuring smooth stable footage in any situation Mavic to pro commands a powerful one-inch sensor offering me greater image quality with superior light and color performance cohen Janee with Hasselblad the new camera houses an adjustable aperture lens for more control over your lighting environment capture stunning aerial photos and 20 megapixels with extreme detail Matic 2 Pro supports a 10 bit D log M color profile that yields higher dynamic range for more flexibility in the grading room Matic – zoom is all about dynamic perspective with a 2 x optical zoom lens it offers greater safety efficiency and more creative opportunities the 48 millimeter focal length compresses your perspective enhancing the parallax effect for a classic cinematic look you’re able to punch him quickly for a tighter shot even from a hundred meters away keeping a safe distance from your subject don’t be fooled by the size Matic twos zoom lens is powerful constantly adjusting to your commands for seamless zoom control and autofocus tracking this keeps your subject clear while you focus on framing Mavic to zoom gives you access to dolly zoo for an otherworldly warped perspective both editions record 4k video with an advanced h.265 compression so your images retain even more detail speed things up in a dynamic aerial hyperlapse with a simple tap of a button four different modes give you a variety of shots for any time-lapse situation maduk 2 also supports enhanced HDR photo and improve technique that blends a sequence of photos for greater dynamic range and after countless hours of research and testing Matic – 3 fine chassis and low noise propellers make it DJ eyes most advanced aerodynamic aircraft to date these subtle yet powerful improvements give you a smoother quieter flight for greater discretion when the situation requires Matic – extends your creative potential with up to 31 minutes of flight time in a max speed of 72 km/h in the sport mode the all-new occu sync 2.0 provides a 1080p transmission signal up to 8 kilometers so you can edit full HD footage directly from the cache on your mobile device 2 point 4 to 5 point 8 gigahertz auto-switching offers better performance in environments with busy signal interference for the first time in a DJI drone Mavic 2 boasts obstacle sensors on all sides of the aircraft it’s digital nervous system continually transmits data to a new more powerful central processor the aircraft analyzes every inch of its surroundings to move around obstacles without stopping so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot when you have a need for tracking at high speeds stay fully immersed in the action with active track 2.0 aided by its vision systems Matic – Maps a 3d view of the environment for greater accuracy and tracking up to 72 km/h trajectory prediction algorithms also help to maintain course when your subject is blocked by an obstruction when it comes to portability or quality small details or the big picture your vision or reality Matic – brings the best of both worlds we put in a lot of effort to come up with a precise shape buttons to apply for as long as possible we needed the shape of the propellers to work in harmony with the modules or the work we put into creating optimal propellers resulted in a very quiet Ron the small battery features sensor design to monitor its wear and tear and optimize the battery life you can also check the battery level at any moment using the LED indicators it’s a giant frame resists winds up to 31 miles per hour and it’s powerful propulsion helps it with impressive speeds up to 33 miles per hour without sacrificing on image quality always instability we equipped each drone egg with dual band antenna creating an omnidirectional system with unparalleled transmission performances free faxes was designed keeping users in mind at all times with a new interface you’d be able to progress further and deeper in the pirating and imaging settings going from the automatic to professional model piloting an Appy is fun and safe we created a drone that is powered by cutting-edge AI and can follow you on the go without you piloting the drone thanks to finish ups and smart drones [Music] Anna fee is a flying camera that contains cutting-edge photography software and hardware an integrated camera uses the latest generation sensor for spectacular 4k HDR videos and 21 megapixel photos HDR has a far more dynamic range to the image it’s ideal for filming a sunset or a bright blue sky with exposed backdrops and if he is the only drone on the market able to do this it’s a camera capable of taking unique photos of videos that just aren’t possible with any other drone in the same category the camera tilts from minus 90 to plus 90 degrees vertically and takes shots from all angles the camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens featuring a hundred and ten degree diagonal field of view the optic was specifically designed to limit lens flare in all lighting conditions we integrated an f-22 timeless as digital zoom and an up to three times standard digital zoom the zoom led us to create a brand new smart drone eco-tourism better known as the famous vertigo effect [Music] when people say the sky’s the limit we ask why stop there this is the relentless spirit and passion of DJI and from that we have created another glimpse at the future of possible this is the Matic air the newest addition to the DJI family and another great leap forward for the industry the Mavic air takes cues from all of DJ eyes landmark drones of the past and yield something unique and new in the process from the sweet chassis to the incredible technology inside it’s a work of art that produces works of art it is incredibly compact so you can take it everywhere it’s exceptionally light making it nimble in the air with a hunt sacrificing stability the Mavic airs powerful camera is housed inside a compact 3 axis gimbal system and is the only drone of its size to have one capture slow motion and full HD at 120 frames per second and take still photos at 12 megapixels with low latency the new and improved panorama mode captures stunning 360 degree photos at the push of a button the Matic airs optimal flight performance we need some more time in the air to get all those incredible shots with 21 minutes of total flight time for kilometres transmission distance and a max speed of 19 meters per second you can go farther faster the Mavic air striking industrial design is the perfect union of form and function and even with its compact size Mavic air remains stable and unfavorably windy conditions and at higher land elevations something that was once only possible with larger more expensive drugs the Matic air is easier than ever to fly the new a pas system allows the Mavic air to detect obstructions in real-time and fly around them without stopping multiple environment sensing cameras ensure the safety of the Mavic air while flying with front and back obstacle avoidance sensors the Mavic air sees more obstructions faster active track now allows multiple object detection which means more flexibility for object tracking quick shot modes like asteroid and boomerang get you professional camera moves automatically the controller is as sleek and compact as the Mavic air itself removable stick so right inside for an ultra low profile proclaim your individuality with multiple color options and a full suite of accessories [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]