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Is This The BEST Drone for Beginners?

[Music] so I’ll tell reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try their X star drone and of course I said yes now one of the things about this drone is that it’s ready to fly right out of the box now speaking of that box you don’t get this cheap styrofoam box you actually get a very nice box which is made out of hard plastic and it gives you a lot of additional slots so you can put in extra batteries if you want to buy more now this comes with a propellers it comes with one battery a 4k camera now this camera I like a lot because it actually detaches from the frame which is something that most drones do not have and this is useful because let’s say you end up crashing the drone you end up breaking the camera and you can easily detach this and reattach to the frame and it also has this sort of like vibration isolators which makes it really nice during flight you also get a 64 gigabyte micro SD card slot which is going to give you plenty of storage for your 4k video recording so one of the things about this controller is that you don’t necessarily need a phone or a tablet to fly this you actually have a display up here which gives you information and we’ll show you that in a second there’s also a few buttons here like for example you have to start the motors or the rotors first before you can actually fly or take off and then this one over here is if you hold the power we start the controller this actually powers on the controller and if you lose a drone for any reason or a loose connection or not really connection but if you lose sight of it you can actually push this and it’ll return back home this is something we’ve seen on a lot of drones so and this is nothing new by any means and this is just to pause the aircraft on what it’s doing there’s also other buttons up here too like for example record video control the camera and stuff like that so it’s really easy to fly all you need to do is go ahead and push on this button right here and then once we go ahead and do that it’ll give you a little beeping sound you can see it shows you the full bar of batteries there it goes and then what we’re gonna do now is actually hold to power the controller on and then all it’ll actually give us information over here as soon as we do that when I push on the start button here it’s telling me that there’s 50 gigs remaining now here’s the cool thing you can actually format that SD card from here so that’s actually something that’s really nice everything looks good is telling me that I have 100% battery life left and then there’s that image there that you can see and all I need to do first is hold this to start the motors and then the drone will start to spin its rotors and then all we need to do is push on takeoff and land so we’re gonna go ahead and do that and then the float the drone will start to rise up so the way you fly this is actually very simple similar to other drones where you have a left and right thumbstick to go up and down and left and right so the app itself is very intuitive so for example there’s a couple of vital stats up here how far away it is from our home point which is 244 feet and it also displays that on the display right here on the controller it tells us that we’re 391 feet above within the legal limit right now we’re not moving so it’s at 0 miles per hour there’s also follow me a lot of the features that you see on other drones – on the right side it’s telling me how much time I have left so right now I have about 10 minutes this is something very useful with 42% battery life left so it gives you an actual like time limit so I know that I only have 9 roughly a little over 9 minutes to come back and then there’s follow me there’s also if I push on this I can go home so if I hold this the drone is actually gonna come home as you can see it’s heading back towards me it’s letting me know that max altitude has reached over here there’s a couple of camera controls so if I want to go ahead and adjust the ISO level this can be all done manually if I want to record I could push on that and remember keep in mind I can do all of this with the controller so I don’t necessarily need the actual cell phone or tablet if I’m gonna use that and what’s cool is that most of the information that’s on the app is also available on the controller so for example I can see the battery status of the drone it lets me know how far away it is from home so right now we’re three the drones actually 360 feet away an altitude of 304 feet so it just gives me a lot of information that if I didn’t have my phone it’s very useful of course I can take pictures I can take video and let’s go ahead and roll some video samples of stuff that I’ve done [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this video guys have any questions let me know in the comment section down below also I’m gonna leave pricing and availability in the description follow me on social networks link down below thanks again for watching and you will catch me in the next one adios [Music]

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