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Forex DoubleScalper Indicator by Den Murakami

*** One Day Feedback: We got that video from Jan, he returned the product price just in one day. Anyway, we highly recommend to trade with lot due deposit size. +$107.80 in few trades.

*** GREAT NEWS: Andy INCREASED start deposit of 3 TIMES just in 3(THREE) days by using DoubleScalper Indicator! Watch video and check all trades on screenshots.

We allowed to test DoubleScalper to our friend Andy, who was really exciting in trading competitions. Here is live video from his MT4 history & full screenshots are available too.

He started with 29$ only. It took 3 days only to make 89$ in more than 70 orders! ONLY 7 loss trades! Impressive!

Another type of indicators is based on Moving Avarage (M.A.). They are quite popular among traders and look great on charts. BUT there is one BUT. Almost all indicators that are based on M.A. give signals with a significant delay, but at that signals are quite stable.

Our indicator is optimized for M1 and M5 Time Frame. The trading is more active on M1 TF, but using filter on M5 is not less risky than M5 TF. Which TF to choose – you decide!

As to Pips, M5 looks much more attractive as comparing to M1. Yes, there are a little less trades but the quality of signals is better.

Many traders get busy with choosing the indicators, try to stick to one or another strategy. But why choose only one thing if you can take the BEST from both variants?! And this is main idea of DoubleScalper indicator. We took the best things from each type of indicators – quickness from Oscillators & quality from Moving Average.

Out of M1 – M5 we understand, that we need QUICK signals. That’s why we took our unique indicator as a basis, counted algorithm of which is based on oscillators, their attentive selection and perfect settings. It looks quite simple on the chart: it gives clear Buy and Sell signals. Buy is depicted as a blue upward arrow, Sell is accordingly a red downward arrow.

Simply follow the signals and make real profit! Actually, signals are quite good. You can ignore filter signals sometimes, but be careful and ready to escape fast. By using filter – it’s much safer… This is very important for M1 trading. Trends are so frisky there.

We also introduce to you a Pre-signal to enter the market, which often looks as good as a signal itself, that follows. The matter is that a pre-signal is formed using a simplified combination of Oscillators, that’s why it appears earlier than the main signal and contains additional risks. However, you can use it without fear if you are following a filter. It will be a great point of entrance to the market, which will bring an additional profit. Especially its actual for M1 trading.

Under the chart, as a bar graph, we use our second unique indicator, which is based on MA. As we are using it…