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Best Drones in 2018 – Which Is The Best Drone?

hello everyone and welcome to our new video where today we are going to check out the top 5 best drones in the market in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these drones you can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below okay so let’s get started with the video at number five we have the parrot bebop to power the parrot bebop to power would be one of the best options in the market if you’re looking for a drone that combines an affordable price with dozens of features that will surely elevate your flying experience to a whole new level from a design perspective the bebop to power features a plastic lightweight construction that is available in three colors of which you can choose from including black red and white and all of them are unique in their own way the main body has four attached propellers that are covered with rubberized dampeners with the intention to prevent the vibrations as much as possible and maintain the quality of the footage you’re recording at the front there is a 14 megapixel camera which is followed by a fisheye lens that provides a protection when you don’t use the drone while the rear part of the drone houses battery packs and has a blue LED light that will notify you of its condition you can operate the bebop to power with the included controller over a USB cable or use the parrot free light Pro app that offers plenty of options that are free and some that you have to additionally pay for in order to get them now let’s talk about its features this drone comes with an fpv headset that will let you feel the image or your recording in depth while flying over the land which is pretty cool in my opinion in addition the Full HD 1080p camera performs really good and even if the sunlight is too bright it won’t really affect the visuals another great thing is the three axis digital stabilization which ensures that the footage will be consistent regardless of how you’re moving the drone up in the sky moreover the drone uses the visual recognition and GPS tracking technology so when you pair it with your smartphone you can walk anywhere you want and the drone will follow you the battery life is expected to last up to one hour of flight so since there are two batteries each of them gets you like thirty minutes which is still good for its price tag overall the bebop 2 is a must-have for everyone who is looking for an affordable yet powerful drone at number four we have the DJI spark the DJI spark can be categorized as a bang for the buck due to its impressive footage quality compactness and features that will accompany you throughout your journey no matter where you go from a design perspective the spark features a lightweight and compact body that is accompanied by four propellers a removable battery one microSD a micro USB port and a 12 megapixel camera that can record a stabilized video at 1080 pixels in addition this model is available in five colors from which you can choose from but bear in mind that each of them differs slightly in terms of price a really interesting thing regarding the spark is that it can handle winds as fast as 31 miles per hour in its sports mode but of course this wouldn’t be a thing if it didn’t have its remarkable construction but now let’s talk about the performance the spark has a two axis mechanical gimbal that works in conjunction with the ultra-smooth technology in order to ensure that the drone won’t shake but instead it will keep stable during your recordings moreover I’d recommend you to take an advantage of the DJI go for app a side of the controller because it has plenty of filters editing templates modes and it will let you instantly share your footage directly to the social media I will name some of the modes so you can have a quick insight of how quality it is for example the tap fly mode will make the drone follow you based on your taps on the phone while the palm control mode will controls the drones movement according to your palms gestures there is also an active track mode which will track the objects that you would want to be captured so you can capture literally everything you want before we end I would like to inform you that the battery life can last around 16 minutes of flight which is good for its set price so you can always recharge the battery and start recording again to conclude the spark would be a great option for everyone who wants to invest in a quality drone that is full of features at number three we have the Xiaomi me drone the Xiaomi me drone is a handsome 4k drone that radiates with mightiness starting from its camera the battery and charging time and up to its 6 axis gyro stabilization system from a design perspective the Xiaomi me features an attractive white construction that holds 4 propellers in a circular 4k camera attached to the bottom part of the body under the propellers there are 4 LED lights of which 2 are white and they denote the front part of the drone while the other two are red and green and they act as navigation lights so you can see the drone better at the night in addition on the inside there is a brushless motor that will ensure high speed so you shouldn’t stress much about the weather conditions because they can barely affect its performance now let’s talk about the features the Xiaomi me is powered by a cortex a7 quad core processor that uses advanced night vision algorithms an optical flow which basically means that the drone can detect different kind surfaces with minimal Distortion as I’ve stated previously the camera is 4k but what’s so special about her is that it uses an anti interference technology this technology will ensure that you can have a proper footage even if you’re two kilometers away in terms of operation you can use the included controller as a main control point but do not hesitate to use the Xiaomi zap because it includes dozens of options that are waiting to be used for example with the app you can make the drone track your desired route follow you circle around an object land return take off and much more which is really cool in my opinion even if you’re a beginner with the drones the app is very intuitive so you can do plenty of stuff as what a typical expert do the battery life is expected to last around 20 minutes of flight time and it takes only three point five minutes to be fully charged according to the manufacturer in my opinion this is great so you wouldn’t have much until you start recording again overall you should definitely consider the Huawei me as your next purchase if you want to feel the benefits of having a 4k drone next up at number 2 we have the uni typhoon q500 even though the yuneec q500 typhoon has been in the market for a couple of years it still keeps its position jealously and it is constantly being purchased by the customers in the market from a design perspective the q500 features a plastic silver and black construction that is accompanied by four rotors that are positioned on its top and a fork a gimbal mounted camera positioned underneath the bottom part in addition there are five lights of which four are positioned on each rotor at the back there is a compartment that will keep the battery while the helicopter style legs are covered with a soft foam with the intention to ensure a secure landing now let’s talk about the features the q500 typhoon has a built-in GPS system and really interesting autonomous modes such as the follow me and watch me so you can effortlessly fly the drone in the sky while capturing the landscape you want the drones 4k camera is maybe one of the best things that this unit has because it can capture a slow-motion footage at 120 FPS 4k video at 30fps and 1080p videos at 60fps however the only remark people have about the camera is that it can get a bit distorted if you’re recording on a really bright sunlight but these things happen with most of the drones I would also like to inform you that the controller has three modes such as the smart angle in the home mode if you’re not really experienced with drones then I’d suggest you use the smart or home mode but if you’re an expert then the angle mode is for you because it doesn’t have the pop controls of the smart mode furthermore the yuneec q500 comes with a single battery which has to be physically removed from the back if you want to refill it those who’ve had previously purchased this model claimed that the battery can last up to 50 minutes of flight time and around 2 hours to fully charge it which is awesome to conclude the yuneec q500 typhoon would be a top choice for everyone who is looking for a premium drone that has 4k capabilities to finish up our list at number one we have the DJI Mavic air the DJI Mavic air is the latest successful drone in the Mavic series that packs a reasonable price which is fully justified with the performance it delivers so let’s get quickly into action in order to understand why is the MAV acara must-have from a design perspective the Mavic air is available in three colors such as black arctic white and flame red but regardless of your decision all three of them look exceptionally good the drones construction is aerodynamic while the magnesium alloy brackets are there to reinforce the seven onboard cameras and secure them from anything that could appear in their way in addition there are four rotors attached on the top and bottom part of the body while at the back there is a battery compartment so when you see the drone as a whole it looks indeed wonderful in terms of connectivities this drone has a USB C port for content transfer and a micro SD card slot of which you can take an advantage if you think that the eight gigabytes of on-board storage is too little for you however I would like to inform you that the USB C port won’t charge your battery so you would have to use the included charger but now let’s talk about the performance the Mavic air integrates a GPS and GL ona SS satellite positioning as well as many flight modes that can definitely elevate your user experience to a whole new level or even better set the Smart capture will make the drone move according to your palms backquote waves while the active track can detect up to 16 objects that you had previously selected and record them without any problem moreover it has a 32 megapixel camera that can capture in horizontal vertical and sphere panoramas in 180 degrees and capture up to 25 photos in only 8 seconds but that’s not all the air can even shoot videos in 4k at 30fps so I have to admit that DJI has done a really good job here the battery life is estimated to last around 21 minutes but in practice it ranges between 16 to 18 minutes which is still great overall the Mavic air would be a top addition for every drone enthusiasts who looks for a compact and powerful drone 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